Who is bonnie raitt dating

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Who is bonnie raitt dating

And nobody ever really gives me credit for it.' Spears just finished her sold-out Britney: Live In Concert tour of Asia and Israel where some reviews have called out her pitch-perfect vocals.Her Las Vegas residency, which she has been performing at Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino since 2013, has been hit with lip sync claims which the Oops! I Did It Again singer has also denied.'I always sing live,' she told Chicago's 103.5 Kiss FM in 2013 before the residency kicked off, adding, 'it doesn't sound so great all the time but I do my best.' It was announced in April that her Sin City residency would come to an end after four years."If" - Rudyard Kipling, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickens, Wuthering Heights, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Railway Man, The Alchemist, White Fang, Little Women, The Gifts of Imperfection, Pride & Prejudice, Moab Is My Washpot, The Power of Now, When Nietzche Wept, The Laughing Jesus Peter's Friends, To Kill A Mockingbird, Casablanca, Braveheart, Love Actually, Shawshank Redemption, You're Not You, Tuesdays With Morrie, The Notebook, Enter The Dragon, Message In A Bottle, Game of Thrones, Boston Legal, Eli Stone, Star Wars, James Bond...Human rights, geopolitics, self development, mindfulness, international travel, literature, full body cuddles, `smack you awake¿ conversation, lazy languid kisses, handmade gifts, permaculture, sustainability, writing, songwriting, philosophy, existentialism.I'm a slow dance, one for that almost lost art of seduction, being wooed & romanced - that goodnight text, a surprise weekends away, acts of thoughtfulness are like diamonds to me.I believe in mutual attraction, great communication, natural friendship, easy laughter, deep connection and red hot chemistry.The hitmaker has returned for a stretch of shows and her last performance at the Axis Theater will be on New Years Eve.

I'm a true creative, insatiably curious, I live and breathe for music, travel, art, philosophy & adventure.

Since starting her Las Vegas residency in 2013, Britney Spears has seldom strayed away from the same setlist.

But on Saturday night, fans were in for a complete shock as the 35-year-old singer randomly burst into a rendition of Bonnie Raitt's 1991 hit Something To Talk About.

'It's really funny, a lot of people think that I don't sing live,' she said about the rumor she has been forced to take on since bursting onto the scene in 1999.

'Because I'm dancing so much, I do have a little bit of playback,' Britney admitted, quickly adding 'there’s a mixture of my voice and playback.''It really p*sses me off because I’m busting my a** out there and singing at the same time.

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