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Over 50 dating forums

We value our member's privacy more than many other Social Networking forums and as such no information about our membership is used for any advertising or product promotions. Once you've signed up, post a reply to the Welcome message and you'll then have full access to the forum.No posts are visible to the general public other than our Front Page area. NOTE: If you have recently applied to join us and have not yet received your welcome e-mail, please check your SPAM/JUNK mail folder, you'll need to click the link in that mail to validate your account. Please DO NOT REGISTER FALSELY to gain access to our membership for research purposes, we'll just ban your account and remove your posts. love my mum I love fishing I love hunting I love sex I love my children I love good people I love the under dog I love people that have been bullied I love to see and sought bully's out I love people that have done it hard I love real and I love my pug dog cause a cuddly loving... Click / copy paste link have experience in traffic conversion and will do whatever it takes to make you happy! old girlfriend after a marriage to complicated lady, that I thought I could help..... I have many regrets, but now..does one start over when others my age...I had my son at 38 and I focused on raising him and next time I looked in the mirror, poof! I feel like my life just fast-forwarded over a decade and I am now part of a group called "mature" "older". Utherverse offer opportunities for people to meet, play and work together regardless of their physical location. You explore this rich and diverse network with an Avatar...

I've only noticed blatant AGEISM over the past couple of years when I hit my late 40's Before that and STILL NOW I do feel young at heart but MANY people cannot help but REMIND me for some reason that I AM OLD! C24/7 Technology The secret of C24/7 lies on two new technologies from Nature’s Way: Phyto-Alkatech & Syner-tech How can it benefit you? that a woman in her 40s shouldn't have so many demands on a man. I was told that if I didn't lose weight I'd be doomed to develop diabetes because it "runs in the family". In my days as a child, thinking about being an old age was scary because to us 48 was soooooo.. As a Adult I have never been intimadated by age and find that in aging you become wise through life... I had a child at the age of 24 and one at 28 and I didn't feel any different. social events that you did not want to go to in your 20-30 range but said yes. Irish, fair, and evidenced by my profile, have had a few bad years since marrying late in life. But going out into the world, and inviting part of the world into my home via the TV and movies and computer, I am bombarded by a youth culture that now excludes... I am over 40 and seem to be coming to the realization that the mid-life crisis is real! ) When I was younger I always thought it was a myth, like the Loch Ness monster or "Bigfoot" but recently I seem to be caught in the middle of it. food supplements; a unique and patented formulation that delivers the highest amount of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. apace- six of your earth weeks distant- And I be afeared of it. Surely 'twas but the twinkle of an eye ago that I was a black clad failed Goth desperately trying to look as though I had TB... I'd been warned that if I didn't save enough money I wouldn't be able to... I noticed the first changes, in myself, around 36 when I needed glasses full time and not just for reading. said that once we hit our 30s the eye starts to change shape, from round to oval and...

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When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. But as an old Japanese Proverb says:"Let what is past flow away downstream." Wonder of wonders but I have never enjoyed being feminine than right now when I am over 40.