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Dating with add

Forget the urban legends about bad first dates that turn into second chances that turn into marriages.Tuck's recent first date with a "great-looking" 29-year-old from Tinder was also her last: "I didn't feel sexual chemistry, and we never talked again." ADD dating may sound a little empty and icy, but as Alison Schwartz, cofounder of the girl-power-infused, man-rating app Lulu, says, "Who has time to waste?In olden times (circa two years ago), a girl might show up for a date with no clue as to whether a guy #Grows His Own Vegetables or #Gives Amazing Cuddles.She'd have to find out for herself over tapas and mini golf and fumbling hookups."If I don't hear from a guy in a few days, I just go on Tinder and I'm like ... With no clue as to their last names, she labels guys with identifying details to prevent confusion.But even after one becomes "'Michael Tinder,'" she says, "there are not enough adjectives in the world that will help me organize my online-dating phone numbers." When Tinder swipes do turn into dates, Tuck follows a strict "either you got it or you don't" policy.It's a way to protect yourself from getting too hurt by one person." Winning the Dating Game But ADD dating doesn't have to mean numbing yourself to the possibility of love.

Between Tinder swipes, Match winks, Facebook Likes, and good old-fashioned late-night sexts, young, single women (and their male counterparts) are high on dating options and low on attention spans.We're busy women." Ladies on Lulu help each other speed up the man-filtering process by reviewing guys with prewritten hashtags like #Cant Build Ikea Furniture, #Great Listener, and #Kinky In The Right Ways.This Yelp-ification of men is just another handy way to date with ninjalike efficiency.Chances are, Shannon Truax is going on a date tonight. It might be Mike*, whom she took home last week after drinks at a chic hotel bar, or Amrit, with whom she sparked up a conversation at a work event last month — or another of the 11 (yes, 11) guys she's currently juggling in her romantic rotation via Facebook, Twitter, text, and e-mail."Eleven is the high end, three is the low end, and six is the sweet spot," says the lively blonde social-media director from Seattle.

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Option Overload "A single date is no longer as precious as it once was.